About the Author

Eden Medina

Eden Medina is the author of Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende’s Chile (MIT Press, 2011). The book tells the history of the Chilean Cybersyn Project, an early computer network designed to regulate Chile’s economic transition to socialism during the government of Salvador Allende. She uses the Cybersyn history to illustrate how political innovation can spur technological innovation, the ways that political projects shape the design, function, and use of computer systems, and how computers have been used historically to bring about structural changes in society. The book received the 2012 Edelstein Prize for outstanding book in the history of technology, 2012 Computer History Museum Prize for outstanding book in the history of computing, and the 2014 Recent History and Memory Book Prize (Honorable Mention) awarded by the Recent History and Memory Section of the Latin American Studies Association.


Medina is Associate Professor of Informatics and Computing, Affiliated Associate Professor of Law, and Adjunct Associate Professor of History at Indiana University, Bloomington. She has received grants and fellowships from the Social Science Research Council and the American Council for Learned Societies, the National Science Foundation, the Charles Babbage Institute, the Mellon Foundation, and the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology. She is also the recipient of the IEEE Life Members’ Prize in Electrical History and the Outstanding Junior Faculty Award from Indiana University, Bloomington. Medina’s co-edited volume, Beyond Imported Magic: Essays on Science, Technology and Society in Latin America, received the 2016 Amsterdamska Award from the European Society for the Study of Science and Technology.


Medina is a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Engineering Education, member of the editorial board of Hispanic American Historical Review, and faculty affiliate of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.  More information at: www.edenmedina.com.